About Us

I love my job! Being raised in the Mississippi Delta, I truly understand the meaning of working hard.  My focus is on recognizing what my client’s needs are and strive toward fulfilling those needs.   I am very passionate about real estate and understand that the process of buying, mortgaging, selling and moving can be challenging but yet rewarding.   

The majority of my professional life has been centered around banking and finance with great emphasis on real estate lending.  With over 26 years in the banking industry, and having worked through several economic recessions, my experience allows me to focus intently on making my client’s transactions as
stress-free and easy as possible.  I believe that buying and selling a home can and should be an enjoyable experience.

I value honest and open communication with my clients.  My goal is ensure that each customer has a full understanding of every aspect in a real estate contract and work to make sure my clients reach the best agreement possible.